Our Company


QUIRURGICOS LTDA, is a company that offers health sector technology solutions, from previous advice, ensuring its implementation and after-sales service, supported by human talent growing ethical and professional staff in search of progress of this chain.


QUIRURGICOS LTDA., under the principles of strength and confidence, supported in the management of its human resources and professional ethics have better positioning and growth in the domestic market, through the wide range of technology solutions and after sales service for the health sector.

Quality policy 

QUIRURGICOS LTDA., is a company that offers solutions in medical specialties, with extensive permanence and recognition in the health sector, supported by a portfolio of high quality products has enabled sustained growth, focusing on customer satisfaction, compliance with legal requirements and improving its quality management system.

Culture of excellence 

Throughout our corporate culture the company gives it a particular character of enthusiasm combined with a desire for continuous improvement that enables us to fulfill the objectives.


Since the beginning, QUIRURGICOS LTDA. is dedicated to the importation, distribution and promotion of medical equipment and surgical items, and maintains a steady growth through the pursuit and acquisition of new representations and expansion into new territories in our country.

Given the conditions of their family business, QUIRURGICOS LTDA. has moved the code of conduct family business, with values such as honesty, spirit of teamwork, excellence, respect for human dignity, responsibility and ethics.

QUIRURGICOS LTDA., has had significant changes over time, they have given to creating new product lines that respond to the needs of our customers and the market. Today we have the following lines: instruments and sterilization, medical equipment, nuclear medicine, osteosynthesis and powered instruments, medical and surgical use, and specialized staff for different areas, taking into account and recognizing the needs of our clients, committed to improving and continuous learning.

The success of QUIRURGICOS LTDA. through the years has been due to human talent within the company and recognition of the importance of their daily work, in addition to the close relationship we have with suppliers and customers.

In 2008 QUIRURGICOS LTDA, began the journey to achieve certification in ISO 9001:2015 and certification “Storage Capacity and Conditioning CCAA” issued by the National Institute of Food and Drug Monitoring – INVIMA, which 03/09/2009 got past

We know that our future depends on our clients and their satisfaction. And we believe that the standardization of our processes and the development of means to enable us to constantly improve is that we will achieve our goals.

In the family of QUIRURGICOS LTDA., We are proud to know that our company is market leader in medical equipment and surgical items, we have a national and international recognition of seriousness and professionalism and we are united and committed to our vision for the future.

Certificado Fenalco
iso 9001 2015
sello NVIMA